March 5, 2016

Balancing is a graceful blend of taking a chance and mindful movement. (Rain and moody music make that a bit more fun!)

Knowing and trusting your own center is part of that. Being strong isn’t always about working hard, often it comes from knowing just where to source your strength from and having it ready for action.

Up at Bernal Yoga I’ve got some monthly workshops called Return to Center that focus on locating, strengthening and toning your core in a deep quite way. We also stretch the hamstrings, open the hips, release the back, neck and shoulders and rest and restore the psoas in the process resulting in a sweet deep calm. And, that’s good stuff in this hectic, harried pull you everywhichway button pushing world we live in.

Return to Center workshops

Bernal Yoga (908 Cortland Ave SF,CA)!

Sunday’s 1:30-3:30

March 20

April 17

May 22

June 19

Info and sign up here:

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