August 31, 2016

While it is a trite-ism, it is still true…In order for new things to enter one’s life one must change, give up or rearrange what is going on in one’s life. After ten years of happily teaching prenatal yoga I am giving it up. I am both sad and happy about this. While I still love and find amazing fulfillment in sharing the journey of pregnancy with mama’s I have grown more interested in the post pregnancy journey of supporting motherhood and mama’s bodies in the “oh shit, I am gonna be a mom in a mom’s body forever now” phase.

I have been studying more Pilates, strength training, restorative yoga and self compassion meditations. And in a contained and unscientific study of myself and those I have been working with in my classes have found that this approach works wonders for mamas, papas, grandmas, grandpas and just about anyone with a body and soul wandering through this thing called life. I hope you will come by one of my classes or workshops and let me know what you think!

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