weights and history.

June 26, 2018

Long before I was a movement teacher I was a student of history, earning an MSc in History from the London School of Economics. My focus was primarily on struggles for independence and the subsequent revolutions of colonized peoples against the imperialist regimes that ruled over them. The Algerian Revolution and the effect it had upon how Humanists and historians responded to the struggles of indigenous peoples was my the topic of my research.  While it seems another lifetime ago that I sat in the British Library reading and reading with mugs of steamy tea out the rain for a break, I am still a student of history, herstory, ourstory, the stories of the world and its connections. The stories that are codified into identities and the stories outside of the words on the page. All of them matter, they shape our world. The more we know the better able we are to see more than one side of a story. The only truth in history is that there is always more than one side to a given story and that very importantly there are facts. Things that actually happen, from which the stories of our history is built. In this 2018 America facts seemed to have been yelled off of the playing field and the winning story is the one that yells loudest and first. The intricacies of and nuances of the multitude of stories that make up a history have been trampled in favor of this way or the highway. I am not a fan of that.

In the face of all that I have decided to mix my love of the patient work of understanding history and working the long tireless road towards equality and justice with my love for working that long tireless road towards strength, stamina and flexibility so that we may keep up the work needed to fight for equality and justice for all people without wearing ourselves out! Please join in me Mondays in July for:

The RBG Inspired Workout

Mondays, July 2nd – 30th (9:45-11:00am)
Attend any combination of sessions, or all 5; use an existing Bernal Yoga pass, purchase a drop-in, or get your special RGB series pass for $85 to attend all 5!


Come hone your strength and stamina in cahoots with our Notorious Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg using a workout inspired by her very own Notorious workout. We will build up and perfect our planks and push ups, squat, lift some weights, firm up our centers and stretch! There will be encouragement, talk of books and movies and organizations and issues dear to our hearts. This work out is appropriate for all levels!


Lots of Love




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